Gigatron 2000 and Dead Duck performing at Roadburn Campsite

Last year the guys of Gigatron 2000 from our very own Tilburg played an awesome set at the Roadburn Campsite at Saturday morning. Lots of people enjoyed it very much and we’re proud to tell you that they will return for another gig at the Roadburn Campsite! At Friday the 21th of April they will perform at the campsite stage in Spoorpark Tilburg.

Gigatron2000 are a threepiece from Tilburg, The Netherlands. Formed in 2012, three men in search of stompin`riffs and heavy grooves set out to create facemelting instumental stoner metal. So far they have released two Albums, The Cosmic Desert Cruise in 2013 and The Witch of Neptune in 2020. Check out their Bandcamp page for more.

Indie, post-rock from Breda: Dead Duck

At Saturday Dead Duck from Breda will be performing live on the campsite stage. Dead Duck is an indie, post-rock band and their songs have many musical influences. Close your eyes and you will hear influences from bands like: Motorpsycho, Mogwai, Amenra and DIVV. The band members are closely related to each other. Dead Duck consists of the combi fathers / sons and uncles/cousins.

Dead Duck plays slow, drawn-out songs. The difference in dynamics in the songs is one of the band’s trademarks. The lyrics are often inspired by poems by Charles Bukowski. because the works of this American writer match well with the dark, mysterious atmosphere of the music.

In November 2022 Dead Duck released their 2nd EP ‘Love is Winding’:

Free entrance
Both performances are free for all Roadburners and visitors to the Spoorpark and will take place around noon.

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